OKI ML391T Plus - A4 24-Pin printer Parallel & USB interfaces Dot Matrix PRINTER - 42089521 (Item No: OKI 391T PRT)

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Versatile wide forms printer with 24 pin print head for improved print quality
• OKI Tank Tough reliability
• High quality 24 pin printhead with Oki reliability 
• Fast 390 characters per second print speed 
• Multi-part paper handling (original + 3 copies)
• 136 column, 15" print width (wide carriage)
• Parallel & USB interfaces, Network & serial card options 

The Microline 391 Turbo narrow and wide carriage printer is designed for users who require excellent quality and flexibility from a single printer. The Microline 391 Turbo is ideal for volume applications requiring high throughput and flexible changing between various print media. High reliability, ease of use and various in-built barcodes makes this printer the ideal tool for industrial, commercial, service, small business and office environments.

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