About Us

Sinaro Origgrace Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 12 Jun 1997 under company Act 1965. Sinaro have been carrying out business of sales, service, and repairing IT equipments. It provides strategically network solutions and computer related accessories, components and system integration services to meet the industrial needs and requirements.

Sinaro brings successful experiences in a wide range area from hardware to software. It strive continuously to provide high quality and services, training and grown into an established organization with its business extending throughout.
Principals enjoy maximum market penetration of their services while corporate customers and end users know they are getting the best products available today, backed by the excellent support.

To date Sinaro has been awarded and recognined by Intal, Canon, Toshiba, Aoc, Western Digital and several more principals as their business partner.
Together, provide a wide range of services that include warranty, repairs, maintenance contracts, consultation, network planning, systems integration and hotlines  software support.